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Vampire Weekend Self-Consciously Grows Up

Vampire Weekend, Father of the BrideThe new Vampire Weekend album is both a comeback and a repudiation. The band’s first album in six years, Father of the Bride jumbles tropes and references with characteristic density. In today’s commercial climate, the album...

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  Here a new selection of project by my friend Salih Küçükağa! I met Salih thanks to this blog! We shared a great time in Barcelona for the OFFF festival, he helps me to set up the Mr Cup shop at the market there and it was great to spend time with him, sharing...

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Required Reading

Hershey’s has redesigned one of their chocolate bars for the first time in 125 years. They’ve decided to add some of the most popular emojis to their iconic grid. (via Eater)Are museums, opera houses, food pantries and other nonprofits to be held responsible...

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Artist Spotlight: Jenny Brown

Art Artist Spotlight: Jenny Brown Editors' Pick 15.05.19 — Staff A selection of work by artist Jenny Brown from Providence, Rhode Island. Interested in ideas surrounding the existence of parallel or alternate universes, and finding ways to represent that...

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