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If you ever dreamed of having a job in the field of art, you might have been disappointed by how hard it is to find a job. Being a Designer and making cool designs for money is not the same as working as a cashier in a grocery store because the specificity of tasks you perform is much higher. It can simply be hard to fit your skill into the needs of a particular employer, so clever people have developed Internet platforms created for designers to find project jobs with ease.


If you feel extremely competent or passionate about design, this is the platform of choice. The website conducts ferocious screening procedures which leads to an extremely tight selection procedure that allows only a small portion of candidates to work on the platform. Understandably, your competitors will be experienced and qualified professionals, so be prepared for it. Thus, good portfolio examples are a must in using this platform. Obviously, such great complexity leads to great rewards, so claim them if you dare.

This website is a global job finding platform that offers the design category for its users. Here, you can find positions all over the world, which also includes long-lasting projects for long-term employment.

This is a convenient service for graphics designers, as it offers a part-by-part payment release system that allows to receive money as the project moves towards its completion. The downsides are that you have to pass a paid test upon signing up and pay an extra monthly fee to receive more bids. However, if you are ready to pay $10-30 per month to make over $1000, then it can be worth it. Platforms like Guru motivate people to be loyal to their platform by such slight paywalls, but you can always try and test your luck and skills on this platform before choosing another. Plus, if the number of competitors is cut by a paywall, you have an easier time competing with them.

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Behance is one of the world’s most famous designer platforms. Made by Adobe, this website is fit to work with designers, which is why it offers a social element of displaying the works for others to like and share. So, it is interesting for designers to proactively create their portfolios and show it to others, which will lead to more projects. Magazine designs, street art from all around the world, and many other expressions of your art can be displayed and appreciated by users of the website. So, if you seek modern, social-fueled experience of a freelance designer, Behance might be your platform of choice.

This platform is specialized in finding long-term employees by big companies. If you do not want to be a freelancer, you can find a long-term job via this platform. Surely, freedom can be the most valuable asset for some, but stable employment can also be the goal people seek. With a user-friendly interface, Working Not Working offers convenient ways for employers to find talented people of art, not only designers.

Upwork is a platform known for its pairing system which connects the customer and the freelancer in minutes judging by certain criteria of skill, experience, complexity, and more. Even big businesses and enterprises use Upwork, so there is a chance not only to find small projects but a company to work for years.

As “.io” in the domain section of the address suggests, this website is gimmicky. It pushes a revolutionary idea of not standing between the customer and the designer. In short, there is no middleman and fees for using the service. As unbelievable as it might sound, it can be one of the most profitable platforms for both parties, as the prices do not have to be high to cover up the service fees. However, there is moderation and designers and freelancers have to be approved before they can find each other.

This platform offers the crowdfunding option for designers and other experts. It has no geographic restrictions, so the chances are that it fits anybody. So, you can present your ideas to the public and they can fund it if they deem it worthy and profitable for them. If the standard approaches of freelancing and working for a company do not fit your style, then it might make sense to go ahead and try to crowdfund your own project. Maybe then you will be the one looking for designers to work for your idea.

As could be seen, there are plenty of platforms for designers to choose from. Edward Nickelson, an HR from Assignment.Essayshark, says that the company was inspired by the designer freelance websites. Contacts between skilled people and people in need of skilled people is a basic function which is performed brilliantly by the Internet. So, if you feel that you are truly interested in design, then you should waste no more time and go and try any platform on the list. Do not, however, limit yourself to the list, as the crucial skill is to find the information by yourself, which I think is why you came here to read this article.

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