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How do you compose these images?
Lately, it’s been really benign statements on Google. I love crowd and dance club scenes, groups of people, just so I have some sort of composition in mind. So I’ll type, “people dancing.” And it will just be this awful stock imagery of people dancing, or cheesy ones, too, or like a lot of memes that I’ve just collected over the year. I have an online archive and then, when I want, compositionally, a certain movement or one certain figure in a photo, I’ll start collaging on the paper, basically, because I don’t really use Photoshop or anything.

A lot of people ask me, “Oh are these like parties you’ve been to?” Or, “Do you go to a lot of these scenes?” And I say, “Not so much.” I guess this is my way of saying, “This is my alter-ego, Anna, if she was out there getting fucked up all the time.” I’m a hermit for the most part.

People say it’s harder to draw people that you really know, like family members or best friends, because you have this preconceived notion of them, and it’s impossible to remove that from your head. So these are snapshots that I find online of just really drunk, fucked-up people. Am I exploiting? I hope not. It’s just a reflection of today’s times.

Right, we’ve lived in a constant unease over the past few years, almost like we are living in a parallel universe to reality. The works in your studio had this feeling of a desperate need to just get as distracted as possible, to get completely lost from reality for just one night. Sometimes we feel guilty enjoying ourselves in these times, too?
Maybe it’s my own escapism. I hope it is relatable to other people in a way where it becomes the space to almost get away from all of that for an instant.

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