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As you start to explore gifting this season, don’t forget the gift of art. It’s an inspiring way to make your loved one happy this holiday — and don’t forget that we sell decor! We’ve rounded up a few thought starters for everyone on your list — and for the rest, there’s always the gift guide.

Give the Gift of Comfort + Calm

Life can get a little hectic — especially around the holidays. Whether you want to pamper your sister in her first year of motherhood, or just give your husband somewhere soft to sit, adding some tranquil touches can create instant comfort.

Shown: Brooke II Pillow, Good Vibes, DeSoto Pouf, Matias Accent Chair, Thelma Throw, Sheep Standing Side by Side. Keep calm and discover gifts under $100.

Art = Romance

When you and your partner have been cohabiting for a long time, it’s easy to use the holidays as an excuse to pick up that drill or new dryer that you’ve both been wanting. But why not use the holidays to boost your shared living space with dark, moody beauty to set the mood? Art and love have gone hand-in-hand since the first time someone picked up a brush, and it’s the perfect way to create a nest worthy of your epic romance.

Shown: Carven, Dark Florals, Leo Baroque MirrorRomantic Eiffel Tower, Kharaa Throw, Bollington. Explore art for the bedroom and beyond.

Gen Z Gifting

Art is the ultimate way to connect to that young adult whose tech is totally beyond you. Alongside pieces from master painters, we’ve got a collection of contemporary art that will connect with anyone on the cutting edge. If you can’t get them the amount of Instagram followers they really want, it’s the next best thing.

Shown: Candygram, The Silent Wild, Little Girl, 90s Look, Shiny Monsteras On Pink, Coca Cola. Explore gifts for trendsetters.

Discover Art They Didn’t Know They’d Love

Want to sneak in something a little more personal? Try some sneaky gifting with’s Visual Search tool. This handy tool helps you hunt down art that pairs perfectly with whatever piece they already love. It’s easy to use: just start with whatever painting they already cherish at home (or something similar), and explore the suggested companion pieces! It’s a quick and easy way to ensure you choose something they’re already going to feel connected to.

Just click “See More Like This” wherever you see it.

Don’t See the Perfect Gift?

Not seeing the perfect piece yet? No worries — we’ve got an entire gift guide to help you along the way. From animal lovers to world travelers, you’re sure to find something curated carefully for everyone on your list.Art Gifts They'll Adore - Get Inspired 1

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