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pt. 2 Gallery // November 09, 2019

“I’m interested in dreamy landscapes, more ethereal places that don’t necessarily exist.” Kelly Ording continues to play with abstract forms, geometric shapes and minimalist landscapes in her latest solo show, Chroma coming to Oakland’s pt. 2 Gallery.

Through process and subject, Ording explores the tension between arguably opposite concepts – intuition and intention, expression and abstraction, surrender and control. By layering painted, often color-saturated geometric patterns over organic shapes, Ording plays with our natural propensity to perceive the familiar in the abstract. Whether analyzing the mathematical repetition and curvilinear bends in her abstract works or basking in the warmth of imagined landscapes, it is easy to get lost in Ording’s dizzying compositions and mastery of color.

Chroma opens this Saturday, November 9, 2019, with an opening reception from 12 to 10 pm and an artist talk at 4 pm.

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