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Check out these stunning paintings from Danielle Klebes‘ latest series entitled Utopia.

In 1516, Sir Thomas More coined the term ‘utopia’, a Greek derivative translating directly to ‘no place’ or ‘nowhere’, and wrote a book by the same name. Utopia became known as the perfect place, sparking searches for a mythological place with similar attributes, including the Garden of Eden, Atlantis, and the Fountain of Youth.

Almost 500 years later, this Massachusetts-based artist reimagines ‘utopia’, focusing her latest on still life portraits of concert-goers, hikers, and seemingly drunken youth who seek happiness in nature and amongst friends.

From the artist:
“My main subjects are people in a state of flux. The figures, captured in moments of uncertainty and isolation, are close in proximity but emotionally distant. There’s a sense of the in-between without a clear narrative of what comes next. I emphasize the relationship between the individual and groups they belong to while employing an unnatural, cool palette to highlight their disconnection and lack of intimacy. I sometimes take liberty in creating the environment of my figures by completely removing them, abstracting them, or adding surreal elements. The paintings are not specifically narrative, but include pictorial clues to the experience of the subjects.”

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Check out Danielle Klebes’ website for works from past shows, photos of ‘abandoned artwork’, and limited prints!

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