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If you are a fan of fairy tales, need to confront dental phobia, have nothing to do this Sunday, need to buy (or indulge) in Holiday gift-giving, and are a fan of Camille Rose Garcia, then scoot over to La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles this Sunday for All of the Above. Known for her feverish adaptation of classics like Snow White and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Garcia casts a little boy named Alex as the wide-eyed protagonist in her newest book published by Sympathetic Press.

Dr. Deekay, he of the giant molar head will see you now. Upon entering his labyrinthine cabinet of faces, Garcia teases our collective fears of hospital hallways and invasive faces and procedures. With the wicked wit we’ve come to fear and fancy, Garcia takes us to the Sea Prison and introduces the Party of Deconstruction. Seven years in the making, this tingling allegory tackles the mysteries of medicine, the reliance on pharmaceuticals and the specter of dictatorial government.


Does the Tooth Fairy come to the rescue? Or perhaps, the Cats of the Midnight Moon? Come to La Luz at 2:00 pm this Sunday, December 8th to hear the artist Camille Rose Garcia beguile you with story hour, then charm you at 3:00 pm in a book signing with a flourish.

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