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This week we have a giveaway courtesy of our friends over at Tens, who have created a collection of sunglasses with a special filter (the “Spectachrome”) inspired by the distinct colour palettes found in Wes Anderson films such as Moonrise Kingdom and The Royal Tenenbaums. According to them, putting on the lenses “feels like walking into a scene of a sun-bleached 1970’s postcard”. Watch their delightful promo video below.

You can check out the Tens campaign on Indiegogo (which is already 675% funded) and see all the different styles they’ve created.

If you wanna chance to snag one of three pairs of sunglasses we have to give away, all we need is your email address – enter below! By entering and providing your e-mail address, you agree to be added to Booooooom’s Secret Email Club (which you can unsubscribe from at anytime).

Giveaway: Tens Limited Edition “Spectachrome” Sunglasses 1

Giveaway: Tens Limited Edition “Spectachrome” Sunglasses 2

Giveaway: Tens Limited Edition “Spectachrome” Sunglasses 3

Giveaway: Tens Limited Edition “Spectachrome” Sunglasses 4

Giveaway: Tens Limited Edition “Spectachrome” Sunglasses 5

Giveaway: Tens Limited Edition “Spectachrome” Sunglasses 6

The collection is designed in Scotland, developed in France, and manufactured in Italy. Each frame is handcrafted and made from optical grade, plant-based Mazzucchelli acetate which originates from renewable resources such as wood pulp & natural cotton fibres.

Giveaway courtesy of Tens

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