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Currently on view at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles, California is artistic duo Herakut’s solo exhibition, “Of Warriors and Worriers.”

Herakut’s statement on the exhibition: “Looking back at our last CHG show in 2018, which was called ‘RENTALASYLUM,’ it seems as if we have released our minds from solitary confinement. We dared to read the news again, take in those devastating facts on where our planet is heading. And we accepted this frightening reality. In great awe, we started following the deeds of environmental or humanitarian activists who seem to come younger than ever. Inspired by individuals like Greta Thunberg, we created images of fragile beings, who are gathering all their strength and gearing up in armory. These are characters whose intentions are not to attack, but to be there as some last line of defense for all those souls on earth which are even more vulnerable than themselves.”

The exhibition will be on view until September 14th, 2019.

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