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Stephanie Boyce has been drawing all her life. Addiction, poverty, and mental illness caused many roadblocks in her journey, but, at 60 years old, she is having her first art show. Over the past six years, Stephanie has become a staple within the Brooklyn Tattoo community since meeting local tattoo artist and business owner, Mark Cross. What started as Stephanie selling drawings to Mark and his employees, has turned into a valued friendship. Over the years, Mark collected over 1,000 Stephanie Boyce originals, even giving several tattoos with Stephanies designs.

This past month, Boyce had her first-ever art show at Mark’s gallery muddguts, which has subsequently sold out. This Friday, July 19th, the gallery will be screening the new documentary about the artist titled If You Know Me is to Love Me. Take a look above.

Directed and Edited by Nicolas Heller
Produced by HELLER films
Cinematography and Color by Joe Bressler
Music Supervision by Falside
Original Songs by BRADFORD
Sound Mix by Bobb Barito
Titles and Artwork by Stephanie Boyce
Starring Stephanie Boyce and Mark Cross

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