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Supersonic Art is proud to present the outstanding original work of artist Joshua Horkey, now available on SupersonicArt.Shop.

Horkey produces mixed media Contemporary Pop Art on found objects and repurposed materials.  He utilizes a combination of appropriated images, collages from Post-War America, found ephemera and acrylics.

Horkey’s method involves multiple passes with collage and paint, each layer being built up and then torn down. What remains after this layering process are varying elements of transparency and fragmented imagery. The use of appropriated comic images are intentionally re-contextualized to represent a ubiquitous person rather than one of individual celebrity. This visual expression is used to reflect several underlying notions from our emotional complexities to the frequent inundation of media.  It is those visual elements that are incorporated with that kind of consideration to create a different aesthetic, convey emotion, and tell a story. Most of his work is inspired by his own self reflection and the observations made over the past few years. Individual works throughout his oeuvre touch on themes of overcoming hardships and exposing human vulnerability.

Take a look at his work on SupersonicArt.Shop.