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This week, we released our newest book, Juxtapoz Black & White, a beautiful 224-page page collection of some of our favorite contemporary artists working in the realm of black and white works. We have been showing you previews and profiles from the book over the past few weeks, and today we look at the works of installation, mural and fine artist, Katy Ann Gilmore, who creates detailed and abstract landscape-style works with just black and white. The Los Angeles-based artist mixes a series of gallery shows and site-specific mural installation works into her repertoire.

“As my work tends to resemble architecture and amorphous landscape, it seems to be accessible regardless of geographic location,” Katy Ann wrote in Juxtapoz Black & White. “My work turned pretty mountainous over the past couple of years, and Ive noticed that individuals can see their own surrounding landscapes in these ambiguous, topographical forms. As my drawings became larger murals, I loved how they mimicked the experiential quality that I was focused on creating in 3D installations. I think this really opened up my work to new ideas concerning drawing and the experience it can create, both in process and result.

“I also like the ideas that Ive been exploring regarding these sort of ‘made up’ landscapes with portals and pass-throughs leading to other landscapes or universes. I think, in a way, this represents what Ive been trying to do with my work: instill a sense of curiosity about the world around us, and promote thoughts about elements of our world that we cant see, or other parts of our universe that we cant access. Giving hints of what else might exist is also pretty ambiguous, and allows a lot of room for interpretation, depending upon ones thoughts about spirituality, existence, or the physical world.”

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