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As we have been announcing over the past few weeks, this summer, Juxtapoz will be releasing a new book in our ongoing series with Gingko Press. Juxtapoz Black and White spotlights 28 contemporary artists who either work primarily in black and white or have created long-lasting projects with the medium, such as David Shrigley,Shantell Martin, Geoff McFetridge and Katy Ann Gilmore. This past week we have shown you works from Aakash Nihalani and Mrzyk & Moriceau, and today we look at the book’s cover artist, and embodiment of contemporary black and white works, Cleon Peterson.

The Los Angeles-based painter has become famous for not only his paintings of dramatic battle and political turmoil, but grand sculptures that brings his visions to scale. Cleon has kept to a certain color palette over the years: black, white and, often, a rich blood red. We obviously chose to focus on his black and white works, which is not only effective in continuing his world observations, but provides a powerful context to his work.

“Color, in a way, confuses and muddles things, and I see color as emotional play or useless frill,” Cleon told us. “Twenty years ago, I remember a close friend telling me that I see the world in complete black-and-white terms. Maybe, at the root of everything, my aesthetic is an extension of my personality. Not in a corny, “I wear black on the outside because thats how I feel on the inside” way, but more in terms of a one hundred percent commitment to judgement and decision within the present, which is all based on an emotional perspective. I dont know if this is healthy but its definitely how I’m wired.”

See a preview of our new book here.

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