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Opening on August 2nd, 2019 at Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, South Carolina is artist Karin Jurick’s solo exhibition, “The Ladies.”

Jurick builds up her compositions using oil paint in multiple layers and various thicknesses to compose unique interpretations in paint.

“I got the idea for the theme when I painted a smaller piece with Alice Neel’s self-portrait as the subject. She made no excuses, no apologies for her aging body,” Said Jurick. “I titled the piece ‘To Tell the Truth’ and proceeded to make notes of those paintings I’ve admired with women as the subject. My personal favorites like Michelle Obama’s official portrait by Amy Sherald. and the self-portrait by Romaine Brooks.”

The art world is often a wonderful reflection of what is happening in contemporary society. Jurick said, “The strength and diversity of women has been highlighted in the last couple of years, especially in politics. So, it’s not so much women artists painting women, as it is how different women, different ages, different sizes, different races, different eras have been put on canvas.”

The exhibition will be on view until August 28th, 2019.

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