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The design industry has a wealth of information and inspiration available. Fashion, art, photography, graphics, and interior design – all of these disciplines have a huge following and you can easily find online material to get those creative juices flowing. Businesses can look at online websites and magazines for new ideas. Moreover, creative types can also use these resources to help their work and inspire new designs.

One fantastic type of publication that thrives within this industry is creative magazines. Before we look at the top publications, remember that for any design work containing written content, you can use a plagiarism checker such as this one – to ensure your work is 100% plagiarism-free. Design is generally a hands-on experience. To that end, many creative companies and design agencies still produce physical magazines and publish them to the public. These magazines are packed full of amazing ideas and examples of stunning design work. In this article, we look at the best design magazines and how you can use them without essay plagiarism:

1. Printed Pages

You may have heard of the fantastic company called, “It’s Nice That” – this famous design company is well-known for bringing an awesome array of design-related information. Printed Pages is a magazine created by this company and released every season. Each issue contains a superb summary of current design trends and developments around the world. Moreover, it is, of course, packed full of awesome graphics and artwork. This is certainly one of the groundbreaking top design magazines.

2. Idea

Did you know that this document from Japan has been in publication since the 1950’s? Idea is printed each quarter and has a huge following within the design industry. The current edition is number 382 and features a striking front cover. Idea concentrates on two main subjects – typography and graphic design. Due to this fact, you can expect some epic graphics and host of design ideas for different font styles. The main version is printed in Japanese, but there is translated international versions available too.

3. IDN Magazine

IDN or International Design Community is a document created and printed in Hong Kong – this publication is available internationally, however. As with other popular papers, IDN has a particular theme for each bi-monthly print. The most recent print, for example, was Infographics & user interfaces. This awesome edition contained a myriad of interesting statistics and examples of how businesses are using infographics in creative ways. Generally, IDN concentrates on specialist subjects as opposed to mainstream design. Nonetheless, the contents of each publication are astounding.

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4. Eye

Eye is self-titled as the international review of graphic design. This magazine concentrates largely on graphic design and visual culture. It is created in the United Kingdom and printed every quarter (4 times per year). The printing and release of an Eye quarterly magazine is something to behold, you can guarantee that the document has a myriad of beautiful visualizations and artwork. On every page, you can find something new and exciting to look at. There is certainly no need to check essay for plagiarism here.

5. Communication Arts

Communication Arts is another timeless classic that continues to produce bi-monthly publications jam-packed with awesome content. This magazine has been running since 1960. For each edition, a particular theme is chosen. Past themes include illustration, typography, interactive, and Advertising. The July/August edition, for example, was based on photography – the magazine contained some wonderful photographs and tips. Aside from the printed version, there is also a fantastic website complete with a PDF version of the publications.  

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 6. Juxtapoz

Juxtapoz (A play on the word juxtaposition) is a long-standing magazine that has been in publication for many years. This paper is printed in San Francisco, California and contains a myriad of awesome articles about different creative arts. Juxtapoz is one of the most popular magazines in the United States and features some stunning articles and artwork. Subjects the paper covers include graphic design, painting, music, and even street art. The company behind Juxtapoz also print semi-regular themed creative books too.

7. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is another staple within the United States design circles. This publication has been released every month for many years – it continues to remain popular and contains a wealth of fantastic information. Wallpaper emphasizes interior design and architecture. The publication does contain elements of fashion, travel, jewelry, and graphic design too. Subscribers are privy to fantastic and stylish artwork for the publication front cover, whereas a generic cover is present for copies brought from newsstands.

8. Frame

Frame is a long-standing paper that has been printed since 1997. This document concentrates on interior design. Its ethos is that people should be privy to meaningful spaces that they can enjoy. Within the pages of this print, you can expect a wave of positive ideas for our interiors. Any creative type can benefit from Frame, but interior designers, in particular, will truly appreciate the content.

We hope you have found this creative magazine article useful. Inspiration is easy to come by if you know where to look! Searching through the top design magazines such as the ones listed can be a great source of ideas. You can look at the different styles, photos, and creations listed and use them for your work. Of course, you must check plagiarism and avoid this at all costs – your designs must always be original! 

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