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Opening on Saturday, June 5th, 2021 at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco, California is artist Matthew Craven’s incredible solo exhibition, “IN BLOOM.”

Informed by the wild flowers of the greater Bay Area, the richly detailed works grow and interweave with geometric patterning.

Each ink and graphite work on found paper is layered with the intricate patterns and the patina of history. Glimpses of the material’s past, often movie posters from the 1950’s to 1970’s or book pages, are visible among the ornate compositions. Guided by historical research of textile patterning, ceramic vessels and other pan-cultural motifs, Craven creates a visual vernacular all his own.

The artist writes, “In 2020, I was left sitting in my studio looking inward for inspiration. I recognized this moment as a different kind of challenge, one that required an exploration of my internal world. I had a lot on my mind and poured it into this work.” The drawings still have Craven’s distinguishable order, but the more rigid elements are beautifully interrupted by new and flexible organic shapes. “In some instances the more fluid shapes replace previous collage elements by using found images as stencils to create borders and outlines of new forms. It’s ambiguous and visually lush.”

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