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Multi-disciplinary artist Rogier van der Zwaag creates mesmerizing videos using practical effects. Van der Zwaag’s videos often feature rectangular prisms that shift in mysterious ways, or shafts of light that impact the viewer’s perception. “It’s like sketching; you do not necessarily know exactly how it is going to look in the end,” he shared in an interview with WeTransfer. “I start with a hypothesis; there is an idea, but it never turns out to be that. It will never be exactly what I imagined it to become in the beginning.” In addition to his polished final animations, van der Zwaag shares behind-the-scenes videos that glimpse into the labor-intensive process of creating each finished work. Follow along with the artist on Instagram, and tune into his interview with CNN explaining his creative process.

Mesmerizing Practical Illusions and Animations by Rogier van der Zwaag 1

By: Colossal