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Opening on Saturday, September 14th, 2019 at Band of Vices Gallery in Los Angeles, California is artist Monica Ikegwu’s solo exhibition, “We’ve Always Been Here.”

Issues of identity, power, societal ideas, narrative and the history of art are
some of the themes that surface in Ikegwu’s work along with a youthful sense of joie de vivre, confidence and self-assuredness are hallmark themes which
emerge in her portraiture. She uses art as a tool to elevate the visibility of
her African American subjects. As an emerging artist, her sensibility is
being created and developing before our very eyes. There is evidence of a
thoughtful and brilliant mind at work, from the title of her show alone, one
that is incredibly prescient and knowing, “We’ve Always Been Here.”

The exhibition will be on view until October 12th, 2019.

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