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Even though there are cancellations and postponements all across the art world, we wanted to draw attention to a great show curated by our friends at pt. 2: Oakland. Originally hailing from Jamaica,  Lenworth “Joonbug” McIntosh creates timeles works, raw but refined, with hallmarks of Juxtapoz favorites R. Crumb and Lamar Peterson. The artist, now based in Oakland, works in a variety of mediums, includng painting, photography, illustration and design. His solo show, Self Reliance, will be on view from March 14—April 3, 2020. An opening was planned, and we will update you when we have hours for the gallery.

As the gallery notes of the work in this show, “McIntosh explores the subjective nature of perception, the duality of simultaneously being right and wrong, and what you accept based on your experiences.”

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