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Currently on view at Hashimoto Contemporary in New York City is artist Ravi Zupa’s outstanding solo exhibition, “Other Avatar.”

The exhibition features mixed media works on wood, sculpture and a large scale installation. Highlighting his multifaceted studio practice, the artist draws from a variety of sources for inspiration such as technology, mythology, and both Eastern and Western religion, creating a new and unique universe filled with religious and historic figures as well as anthropomorphic creatures.

By definition, the word ‘avatar’ comes from Hindu mythology, and represents a manifestation of a deity or soul released from their bodily form on earth. In today’s digital age, the word has taken on an entirely new and ubiquitous meaning, defining a graphic image which represents a person on the Internet. In today’s rapidly changing world, we are gods of our own universe, with multiple incarnations of ourselves in various abstract dimensions.

For Other Avatar, Zupa melds the symbolism and meaning of mythologies into the current context of today’s world. The artist views the modern day interpretation of the term ‘avatar’ as an example of the universality and lateral connectedness which he feels deeply inspired by. Zupa’s richly symbolic work is a representation of these themes.

The exhibition will be on view until July 20th, 2019.

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