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Simultaneously reminiscent of the slick, neon glow of sci-fi aesthetics and the cryptic symbolic language of ancient petroglyphs, Reuben Wu‘s work is clean, yet mysterious. His photography hovers somewhere between the mythic and the surreal, between dream and memory, with an undulating sense of temporality slipping between the ancient past and the imagined future. Light and land are entwined equally at the center of Wus practice. By affixing lights to drones and using them to illuminate select parts of the landscapes he photographs, Wu draws precise geometric marks that hover in the air like beacons, harbingers, and signs. His work is concise, yet versatile in concept, offering new ways to approach the human relationship to nature, technology, and the overlay between past, present, and future.

His new book, Aeroglyphs & other Nocturnes, is available via Kris Graves Projects

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