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The art community as a whole was taken by surprise yesterday to learn of Robert Proch is dead. A painter, muralist and animator… Robert left this mortal coil at the young age of 33. Known worldwide for his dynamic murals and large-scale works on canvas, you could feel his energy surging through every piece he created. His work is instantly recognizable and so many artists looked to him for inspiration and all I knew admired him.

Murals from Proch can still be enjoyed in numerous countries throughout Europe. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in front of them, take the time to pause and remember Robert and take in the beauty he shared with us all, for far too short a time.

The community that loved him so much is sharing their photos and memories of him all over Instagram and Facebook today, be sure to have a look and keep those that were close to him in your thoughts.

It was such an immense honor to have worked with him over the years. Just writing that in the past tense is tearing at my soul. We were all looking forward to seeing him this October in London at Moniker. It was to be his first big show since his LA solo show with us this past November and with our friends at Kirk Gallery from Denmark, which is his home base gallery in Europe. To think now that our show with with him was his last big show just stops me in my tracks. He had so much still to give to the world, not to mention his children and family. A warm soul. A great sense of humor. So much raw talent and the biggest imagination. Just tragic.

Rest easier now my friend. Our hearts go out to your children and family. You were one of the most humble and talented people I’ve ever met. We will all miss you and your art will live on FOREVER. —Andrew Hosner, owner, Thinkspace Projects

RIP Robert Proch
July 9, 1986 – July 17, 2019

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