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Opening tonight at Roq La Rue in Seattle, Washington is the group exhibition, “Ace of Spades, Queens of Diamonds,” celebrating the gallery’s 21st anniversary.

Starting as a scrappy little punk gallery in Belltown dedicated to the subversive and countercultural “Lowbrow” art movement, the gallery has grown and expanded to international recognition as a promoter and purveyor of the later iterations of Lowbrow, namely Pop Surrealism (coined by Roq La Rue founder Kirsten Anderson in her book “Pop Surrealism” in 2004 as a new title for the changing art scene) as well as “New Contemporary”. The gallery has retained it’s focus on the surrealistic or magical realist narrative and figurative work while being strict on only working with artists who show the highest technical abilities in conjunction with their expansive and innovative visions. This show will focus on a sample of the artists we have worked with over our 21 year history. 

Artists include: Peter Ferguson, Travis Louie, Lola Gil, John Brophy, Camille Rose Garcia, Casey Weldon, D. Allan Drummond, Debra Baxter, Glenn Barr, Isabel Samaras, Jean Labourdette, Chris Berens and Electric Coffin.

The exhibition will be on view until September 8th, 2019.

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