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Opening Saturday, July 6th, 2019 at First Amendment Gallery in San Francisco, California is artist Stacey Rozich’s solo exhibition, “Some Sort of Disrepair.”

In her inaugural solo show at First Amendment Gallery, Rozich expands her mythologies of the past decade; the collection of works mine the soul-searching and emotional depths we confront in our quietest moments, whether it be a moment of solitude or the darkest hour of nighttime. The figures that lurk in the shadows of our consciousness appear shrouded in billowing, intricately patterned garments to reflect our desire to reshape our personal experiences. Highly ornate structures and lush botanicals act as the backdrop for these scenarios to reveal themselves as an altered reality imbued with a dreamlike quality. The masked characters, a hallmark of Rozich’s work for the past decade, has expanded to explore these intimate circumstances in her signature storybook narrative. Juxtaposing her delicate, yet precise use of watercolor with dense layers of gouache, Rozich constructs vignettes that combine elements of folklore, medieval religious iconography and American pop culture– all mingling together like guests in a cocktail party fever dream.

The exhibition will be on view until July 26th, 2019.

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