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Currently running its final week at Berlin’s BC Gallery, Agostino Iacurci‘s solo debut entitled Stilleben, is directly inspired by artist’s strolls through the German capital and his observations of shops and house windows, filled with plants and random objects.

Known for colorful flat visuals that minimize objects and perspectives to simple silhouettes, Iacurci creates a new body of work that condenses this concept even further. Constructing elements as collage-like cutouts of solid colors, the artist pares down to a streamlined abstraction. Usually displayed in linear composition, Iacurci’s lamps, vases, pots, fruit, and random objects embody maximum impact in minimal style. With very few patterns, ornaments, or shadow depictions, the paintings focus on the interaction of the object’s shapes and sizes.

Connecting two levels in the center of the gallery, a wooden plant sculpture elevates flat surfaces by simply adding another, identical one. Aside from simplifying perspective and depth, the works share an abiding palette of deep blue and terracotta that envoke the warmth of a place that deepens and beautifies daily life.

Photo credit by Lorenzo Palmieri

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