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Opening on Saturday, June 8th, 2019 at Distinction Gallery in Escondido, California is artist Victor Roman’s solo exhibition, “Celestial Awakenings.”

From the gallery: “Throughout his work he is constantly refining and becoming more intentional with his use of symbolism. His journey is now reaching a transition of sorts and we are privileged to watch him work on a fully developed pieces for his “Celestial Awakenings” series. One piece in particular, The Gift, the Curse, tells us the story of a celestial being giving the gift of time to humanity. But we must acknowledge its duality in that as much as we are given time to measure progress, healing, and create organization, our individual time is finite. As we move continually forward, we are aware of how little time we have left to live, create, and love.”

The exhibition will be on view until July 6th, 2019.

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