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This Friday, August 9th, adidas Skateboarding takes its Showcase to the city of Chicago, where The Times and Uprise Skateshop invite a slew of local artists to participate alongside event host Junebug and music by Dan Mihal.

Michelle Wanhala
Tattooer and painter Michelle Wanhala plays with lively bizarre imagery influenced by American traditional tattooing, cartoons, and retro decor.

Peyton Stewart
As an interdisciplinary artist who explores love, happiness and the afterlife, Peyton Stewart works through multiple mediums, including tattoos, paint, ceramics, and printmaking. Her work explores human experience through twin lens of love and grief, touching on the basics like human relationships and complicated. abstract matters like the afterlife. She draws inspiration from Eastern European folk-art, hand-painted signs, and traditional tattoo imagery, synthesizing elements of each to create her own refreshing and occasionally heart-wrenching style.

Adidas Showcase CHI 2019 Insta Individual 10

Paul Stacey
Stacey’s visually striking pen and ink drawings create ‘ruminative emblems’ of his consciousness on watercolor paper.

Adidas Showcase CHI 2019 Insta Individual 9

Benjamn Marasco
This Chicago-based visual artist delves into a diverse range of mediums but focuses on painting and graphic design. These days, with time split between client work and studio pieces. you’ll see his mark on beer labels, murals and public spaces. Benjamn has developed a style that incorporates a bold color palette bolstered by a background in illustration and graphic design. He continues to explore new techniques and ways to make art

Adidas Showcase CHI 2019 Insta Individual 2

Vivian Le
“I seek to subvert the conventions of portraying adolescence and femininity through drawing doll-like characters as if they were a part of a saccharine dystopia.”

Adidas Showcase CHI 2019 Insta Individual 11

Jourdon Gullett
As an artist and illustrator working in Chicago for the past decade, Jourdon Gullet creates a wide body of work for a variety of clients across the country. His fantastical, detailed works are presented in highly contrasted hand-drawn pieces that can be seen in and around the city, from murals and package design to commercial and public spaces.

Adidas Showcase CHI 2019 Insta Individual 5

Armani Howard
Born and based in Chicago, Armani Howard grooms bodies of work to portray growth through time and reflection, guided by the discovery of self throughout his explorations. A basis in contemporary folklore becomes the driving force piloting his own map while moving freely within an expansive field of aesthetic issues and cultural inspirations. The conversation of organic and technical is an abiding force, punctuated by his worldly travels.

Adidas Showcase CHI 2019 Insta Individual 1

Blake Matthews
“My photos are simply moments captured with friends. Whether it be skating, hanging out or exploring new places, I’m just lucky to see it through a camera lens”

Adidas Showcase CHI 2019 Insta Individual 3

Darius Airo
Currently studying at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Darius Airo focuses his most recent pieces on environmental issues, binding image-based painting with his own landscape to form an introspective and responsive narrative. The work considers American cartoons and alternative commercial imagery that imbue low-income Chicago neighborhoods, and a line of image-based painting that glorifies a vast canon. These ideas about image-making paired with the artist’s Chicago hewn identity form a lively dialogue with the landscape, object, and figures that populate his art.

Adidas Showcase CHI 2019 Insta Individual 4

O.J. Hays
A creative force in Chicago’s art, music and skateboard scenes, OJ Hays’s colorful and playful works combine elements of Illustration, animation, and live performance. Recently, he has become involved in a variety of youth programs, fostering creative education through a very unique perspective.

Adidas Showcase CHI 2019 Insta Individual 8

Nikko Washington

Adidas Showcase CHI 2019 Insta Individual 7

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