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The adidas Showcase comes to New York’s 393 NYC space, with their latest exhibition opening on July 11th at 6 pm. Hosted by Leo Heinert and DJed by eSteady, the most recent stop will feature an array of artists working through a variety of mediums and a special performance by Prison.

Joshua Wildman
My work focuses on life in the city, whether it’s people commuting to work, partying, or going about their daily lives, we are all in shared spaces. I search for the moments that might be missed but should be remembered. I’ve been examining this city for over half my life and I still find it exciting, inspirational, and alive.

Adidas Showcase NYC 2019 IG Individual 1

BB Bastidas
As a fine artist, muralist, graphic designer, and art director with an extensive background in skateboard graphics, BB’s talents have taken him around the world and broadened his perspectives, both creatively and professionally.

Adidas Showcase NYC 2019 IG Individual 6

Lizzi Reid
Since graduating from Pratt in the top 10% of her class, Lizzi Reid lives in Brooklyn and has been skating under the moniker “skate witch” for 6 years. In that time, she has created branding concepts for women’s skate crew Femme Skate and has worked alongside local skate shops and board companies to create branding, deck designs, art shows, and performances for local skate nights singing with punk band Witch Slap. She confines her darker antics to her artwork were she focuses on concepts mined from the history of witchcraft, occultism, rock n’ roll and skateboarding expressed through a variety of mediums.

Adidas Showcase NYC 2019 IG Individual 9

I was a normal loner type kid that found art and skateboarding at the age of 8. I didn’t talk much. I just drew, kept to myself & made my friends through skateboarding and graffiti.

Adidas Showcase NYC 2019 IG Individual 2

Hildie Gifstad
With her main medium being crochet, Hildie Gifstad is a Norwegian artist and designer who uses traditional techniques while exploring new forms and structures. Gifstad draws inspiration from perfections and flaws of the body, both human and animal. Her work is sculptural, and wearable art, with the body in focus.

For this exhibit, Gifstad created a larger-than-life sculpture while studying her favorite animal, the hairless cat. Having originated as a spontaneous mutation, and bred to “perfection.” The Sphynx cat is an affectionate, playful and intelligent breed.

As well as creating art, the artist has built a home goods brand named Huldra of Norway, which focuses on 70’s inspired crochet pillows, all handmade by her. Hildie Gifstad currently lives and works in New York.

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Jerami “STAINO” Goodwin
Born in Atlanta Georgia, Goodwin moved to New York City in 2008 to pursue his career as an artist. His multidisciplinary practice, inspired by a vast range of various movements of art, has exhibited his work all over the city. Jerami has had several solo exhibitions as well as participating in dozens of group shows. In addition to his personal success as an artist, Jerami opened his own gallery at 99 Bowery, where he curated and exhibited a diverse range of different artists work including legendary Beastie Boys photographer Ricky Powell, street artist RAE BK, and New York Times photographer Daniel Weiss.

Adidas Showcase NYC 2019 IG Individual 3

Isabelle Reese
Born in London, Isabella Clementine Bliss Reese creates works that explore the relationship between color and form. After receiving a fine art high school education and spending time at Parsons’ The New School, Reese is focused on un-learning her scholastic training and developing a method of creating that is entirely her own.

Heavily influenced by graffiti and skate culture, Isabella uses oil paint to create abstract surrealist figures that feel as though they exist between life and death. Her use of vibrant candy color juxtaposes the eery, melting subject, reflecting a grungy, personal rebellion toward her past.

These works introduce raw emotions that are just now coming to life and being translated into canvas. As the artist’s first public work, it establishes a strong connection through a raw expression of love, life, and disaster.

Adidas Showcase NYC 2019 IG Individual 7

Mario Cairo
I was born in a small town in the southern part of the Dominican Republic, Las Matas de Farfán. Ever since I can remember, art has been a part of my being. Skateboarding quickly became my second passion. I began skateboarding back in 1996, and since then, it opened my eyes to a world of new possibilities, both in skateboarding and in my life as a whole.

I moved to New York five years ago, and it has been an artistic breakthrough for me. Being in the city’s creative spaces allows me to have a deeper appreciation for the artistic side of skateboarding. For me, finding a way to merge skateboarding and art is the key to expressing myself.

I use my art as a way to deconstruct moments and memories of places that I’ve been to or dreamed of. I recreate these moments in an organic and very unique way. Influenced by the sea, nature, wildlife, and modern street art, my artwork has a little bit of everything blended together. Costumbrism, especially how it represents traditional life and landscapes in the Dominican Republic, is also an integral theme in my paintings. These elements are what usually move my creativity and passion to create.

Adidas Showcase NYC 2019 IG Individual 8

Mark Wiitanen
Currently residing in NYC, Mark Wiitanen is a self-taught cinematographer, photographer, and animator. He uses digital mediums to create his perception of reality. Mark works commercially though his creative studio ZOO.

Adidas Showcase NYC 2019 IG Individual 10

Scott Furkay
“I’m intrigued by places that have existed long enough to create tension between their originally-intended purpose, and the way in which we, as skateboarders, interpret them. The ability to visualize and transform a space from ‘after-thought’ to ‘feature’ is unique, and watching someone ride away from a trick they believed possible when no one else did, is unparalleled.”

“What do I want to say with my art?”

“Celebrate the individual, the impressions people leave on you, and the unique path they take while doing so. Value the eccentric, the ordinary; find beauty in the otherwise mundane.”

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