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While living and studying photography in Tokyo, Seung-Woo Yang would frequently take trips back to his homeland of South Korea, where he would document his childhood friends who were part of the Korean Yakuza gang. Driven by the suicide of his comrade, Yang documented his life trajectory and people around him as he traveled back and forth between the two countries.

“One of my old mates died. Actually, he stopped himself, but his death changed now. The other lads will just forget him, I will forget him too, I looked for a photo so I could see his face, but there weren’t any. I thought he was me special mate. Sooner or later, I will be gone too, it made me want to take photographs….” —Seung-Woo Yang

After quickly selling out the first edition in 2012, Zen Foto Gallery recently released a new edition that is available here.

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