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One of our favorite artists of the moment, Nicolas Party, has been finding projects recently that place his vibrant, mysterious characters in the most interesting of situations. His newest installation is perhaps our favorite, as he recently opened Marble Ghosts, a site-specific installation of works at the Marble House at the Newport Mansions in Rhode Island. Throughout the interior of the mansion and on the front lawn, a combination of those very intoxicating sculptures and Party’s paintings are cleverly places in and around the house, some in surprise locations and other interacting with the space.

Nicolas Party is a Swiss-born artist, best known for his conceptual approach to the ideas surrounding portraiture. The installation reflects Partys own interaction with the space, his fascination with Alva Vanderbilt Belmont (the original owner of Marble House), and his experience working with marble as a material. Party finds much of his influence within the Surrealist movement, paring elements generally considered “mismatched” in an attempt to draw the viewers attention to visual details often overlooked.

The installation is curated by Dodie Kazanjian and is jointly presented by The Preservation Society of Newport County and ART&NEWPORT. Marble Ghosts is part of the contemporary art initiative at The Preservation Society of Newport County. This initiative presents installations and exhibitions that explore and honor innovation, craftsmanship, and artistic creation; principles that correlate our past with our present and inform our future.

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