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Lace magic Women's dress by Serap Safîye Yıldız

Images of Guilin by Kevin Chu

Images of Dear.Odd by Eun byeol Choi

Does your work fit in with past winners and A’ Design Awards & Competition panelists’ favorite projects? I may not be a design rockstar, but I enjoyed putting together a group of 20 winners from past years that made an impact on me.

As I browsed through the winners, I  deduced that good design expands to not only visual arts and commercial packaging, but also furniture, architecture, fashion and more; that’s why it’s so important to recognize A’ Design as an inclusive and influential competition. We are excited to announce that one of the most inclusive design competitions in the world of design is accepting entries.

It is the reward of beauty and innovation that keeps designers producing the very best…except that sometimes it isn’t. That’s why A’ Design Awards & Competition recognizes the best and most exciting work in design with big prizes and benefits. Awards include perks such as participation in an international exhibition, inclusion in annual hardcover yearbook, a press release, publicity through the Competition’s extensive network, inclusion in the World Design Rankings, an invitation to a gala-night event in Italy for a unique networking opportunity, an award trophy and certificate, translation services for your press release into more than 20 languages, feedback notes from the jurors, a Designer of the Year nomination, sales listing for winning designs and much more. If that’s not enough, you can count on your work getting tons of attention; the winning designs will have tons of exposure. On average, A’ Design Awards & Competition winners’ website has 24,404,321 impressions on average per competition cycle.

As if that’s not enough, entries to the Competition are judged by an international jury panel of scholars, industry experts, and prominent journalists. Unlike many other awards, the A’ Design Awards & Competition follows a strict methodology including a peer-review process with anonymous voting.

As mentioned prior, A’ Design Awards & Competition rewards designers in varying categories, therefore submissions are accepted in dozens of categories ensuring that your work finds its best fit. This includes categories such as Good Industrial Design, Good Architecture Design, Good Product Design, Good Communication Design, Good Service Design, and Good Fashion Design. You can find further design categories here. Entry instructions are also easy!

You can learn everything you need to know about the competition at The deadline for submissions is February 28th, 2019. You can register by clicking here.


Crooked for you by Alain Aebersold

Souldrops by Réka Baranyi


Croz by Calvin Sio Kai Tong

Cream Affair by Architecture_Interspace

Handmade warmth by Alexander Kirzhbaum

Proxima B by Jerico Santander

Top 20 A’ Design Award Winners 1

Floral Pavilion Permanent Pavilion by Daydreamers Design

Calendar 2018 “Puzzle” by Katsumi Tamura


Da Chang Muslim Cultural Center by Hejingtang Studio

Desert Sun by Desert Sun Brand - Anna Lakatos

Anemone by Yi Xuan Lee

Urban Cuisine by Ian Wallace

Solar Egg Sauna by Amanda Wennö

Sea Mosque in Abu Dhabi Prayer Hall

Meiji the Chocolate by Kyoko Furuse

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